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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training Train Temporarily Derailed

This week I torqued my right knee during a strength training exercise on Thursday and have had some pain in my knee ever since :(  I have been taking it really easy the last few days hoping that I will be on the mend and can get back on the training train soon.  This week, I missed a run, ride, and two swims as a result.  I also had to cut a ride short :(  I haven't missed any workouts in the first 6 weeks of training, but this week the training train was derailed...UGH!!  I am hoping that I won't miss any workouts this week. 

Between rest, ice and ibuprofen, I am hoping to be back on the training train really soon.  I have been told by others to go to a free Physical Therapy screening to determine if it is something serious or not.  I am going to see how it feels tomorrow and then decide if I go to PT on Tuesday.  I feel as though if I rest my knee, I will be back on the training train soon.  It feels a lot like tennis elbow in the knee, which heals with rest.  (I know that many of you who have had IT band issues are thinking, "Oh no, she has IT band and is in denial."  I do not have IT band...wrong side of the knee for IT band issues.  The pain is on the inside of the right knee.)

Come on Rest, Ice and my friends and put me back on the training train ASAP!!!  I mentally fall apart when I am not training...

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