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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Out of my own way!!

Well, I have officially been back on the workout wagon for just over one week and I feel great!!  I have lost 2 pounds (with only 30 more to go to get back to race weight) and am excited about my progress (no matter how is still progress)!!

I have not missed one workout this week and have completed the following:
Monday:  1:10:00 on the bike and TRX
Tuesday:  1:00:00 strength and core work and 58:40 run
Wednesday:  1:12:00 on the bike and 1:00:00 in the pool swimming
Thursday:  43:44 run and 30:00 strength and core work
Friday:  1:15:00 on the bike
Saturday:  1:30:02 running and 40:00 strength and core work
Sunday:  30:00 in the pool swimming and 1:30 on the bike

During this last week of exercise, I have decided I am in control of my own destiny.  I have the control to say...I am going to get up and go exercise...I am going to go run despite feeling like hanging out with friends or family...I am going to go to the gym, even though I want to sleep in...I am going to cook healthy even though it is easier to go out for dinner...I am going to stop getting in my own way...

Week one back on the workout wagon and I didn't get in my own on to week two :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Adjusting and Resetting Goals

Originally I wanted to participate in Ironman Wisconsin 2013.  Due to a few changes and adjustments on the homefront, I have had to adjust and reset my race goals for the coming year.  My race schedule for 2013/2014 is as follows:

January 1, 2013:  28th Annual Resolution Run
March 3, 2013:  Little Rock Marathon
April 27, 2013:  Drake 1/2 Marathon
June 9, 2013:  Ironman Kansas 70.3 (1/2 Ironman)
July 2013:  Okoboji Triathlon
July 2013:  RAGBRAI
October 2013:  Twin Cities Marathon

One 1/2 Ironman distance event
September 2014:  Ironman Wisconsin

I have already registered for the 28th Annual Resolution Run, Little Rock Marathon and Ironman Kansas 70.3.  I am VERY excited that I have races on my calendar and the following goals for some of these races:

Little Rock Marathon...4 hour marathon (A sub 4 would be nice, but since I'm just getting back into it, I'm hoping for the 4 hour mark.)
Drake 1/2 Marathon...sub 1:44:00...this would be a PR for me at the 1/2 marathon distance
Ironman Kansas 70.3...I would LOVE to break 6 hours at this event
Twin Cities Marathon...sub 4 hour marathon

Friday, November 16, 2012

What's My Excuse????

I can give you a long list of excuses for why I haven't been exercising the way I should be and the way I want to be:
                I didn't sleep well
                It's too early to work out
                It's too late to work out
                I feel bad leaving the puppy in her kennel all day and then while I'm working out too
                I have to clean the house
                I have dishes to do
                I have laundry to fold
                I have to make dinner
                I was asked to go to dinner with friends
                I'm tired
                I want to spend time with family and friends
                I have a lot of work to do
                I have parent teacher conferences
The truth is:
                I've been LACKING MOTIVATION!!
                I've been LAZY!!

There are no more excuses!!  In order for me to get back into a regular workout routine, I have established the following schedule that I am going to keep:
                Monday:  5:30 am group ride
                Tuesday:  4:30 am strength training and 5:30 pm group run
                Wednesday:  5:00 am swim and 4:30 pm basement ride
                Thursday:  4:30 am strength training and 4:00 pm run
                Friday:  5:00 am swim and 4:30 pm group ride
                Saturday:  morning run followed by a strength workout
                Sunday:  Basement ride

Thanks to some friends and upcoming races I am registering for this coming week, I am starting TODAY!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who took my wagon?

It has been quite a while since my last post.  What has been happening you may ask...Not much in the area of exercise.  My exercise wagon got hijacked, but I think I may have found it.

I have come to some realizations while my wagon was MIA.
1.  I have gained 34 pounds since Ironman Wisconsin 2011 and this is not acceptable.
2.  I have let myself get so out of shape that it is a struggle to start back up...this is also not acceptable.  I am not happy with myself in who I have let myself become.
3.  I have goals, but little motivation to start working toward achieving those goals.  What ultimately motivates me?  Paying for and signing up for races that CHALLENGE me!!  Going out and doing a 5K or a 10K race is not a challenge for me.  Yes I could say that I want to get faster at these distances, but that is not a challenging enough goal for me to get out of bed or off the couch and get to work.  I NEED something BIG!!

So...What races have I signed up for to start pushing myself and get back the person I so want and need to be?  You'll have to check this out in my next post...coming yet this month...