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Friday, February 11, 2011

Warmer Weather Please

After just swimming for one hour in the pool and currently spinning on the bike in the basement as I type, I am dreaming about warmer weather when I can swim and ride outside.  Don't get me wrong...I have had some great days of training indoors (both in the pool and on the bicycle trainer), but I am ready to see the world again as I exercise.  There is little that makes time fly like the change of scenery on the bike, or the open water crashing in your face (except for the adult conversations that take place in our basement during a group trainer ride :)).

I am even willing to endure the humid 90 degree days with no breeze...the 30 mph headwinds that rip across Iowa and make it nearly impossible to move forward...the very rainy days (yes...I am planning to ride in the rain on occasion...who knows what race day can bring)...the frigid 60 degree water temps that require a wetsuit...the white caps on the open water taking one's breath away... if it means exercising outdoors.  I miss seeing the diverse animals I ride by, the clear blue sky, the bright sun beating down on me, the thunder head clouds moving in, feeling the seaweed graze my toes (or was that a nibble from a fish)...there are so many things to appreciate about outdoor training.

With the pending spring like weather forecast in the very near future (we're going to have the 50s next week...YIPPEE!!), I may have to strongly consider getting the bike dirty and doing an outdoor ride or two to help me get through the rest of the Iowa winter...we'll see just how warm it gets and just how sloppy the roads are.  Who is up for an adventure?!?!?!

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