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Monday, February 14, 2011

Early Bird

Today started the early bird lap swimming for the spring...plunging into the chilly pool water at 5:30 am is a DEFINITE wake-up call!!

The hardest part about early bird swimming is getting the feet out of bed and on the ground.  Once up, it isn't so bad.  It is actually very nice to have the swim done for the day and it is only shortly after 7 am!!  It does mean early to bed, but I'm not complaining :)  I love my sleep!!  And who says I can't take a nap later today?!?!?! 

Because it is so early in the morning, there aren't as many people swimming.  The fewer numbers of people in the pool make early bird swimming that much more appealing.  You don't have to fight for a lane, you don't have to share a lane (unless you want to) and there are fewer "waves" in the pool to fight against (although, this does provide an element one would find in outdoor swimming :) ).

This early bird lap swimming is a HUGE hit in my book!! 

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