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Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Pain...No Gain

Think about all of the times you have felt great...what were the costs that gave you that "great feeling?"  Typically we don't have these "great feelings" without some kind of "pain" along the way.  For me, higher energy has the "pain" of giving up sugar; race goal completion has the "pain" of training; training has the "pain" of early morning swims, basement trainer rides and long enduring runs; sleep has the "pain" of not socializing with friends.  Right now, I have temporary pain in my knee as well.  I know it will go away eventually.  "Pain" seems to surround us everyday, but without it, we wouldn't know what feeling great is like.

What makes all of this "pain" worth while?  Crossing the finish line of a "race" that you have been so dedicated to.  For me, this "race" could be a 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, marathon, sprint triathlon, Olympic triathlon, 1/2 Ironman, Ironman, or just the race of life.  In life, there are many everyday trials and tribulations that seem like a "race."

Sometimes the journey to the start line is the best part of the race.  It is the direction, decision,  determination and drive that gets me to the start line of any race.  These same characteristics are also going to get me to the start line of Ironman in September.  Finishing any race is the reward for the journey.  Finishing Ironman will be the reward for all of the "pain" that I encounter on a daily basis during my journey to the start line of Ironman Wisconsin!!

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