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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sports Bra Review

I have had many troubles with sports bras while running and have tried many different sports bras as a result.  Here is my review of what I have tried so far:

Champion C9 Sports Bras:
Chaffing above and below the breasts after about 90-120 minutes of running

Nike Pro Sports Bras:
Chaffing below the breasts after about 60-90 minutes of running

Adidas Techfit Sports Bras:
Chaffing below the breasts after about 60-90 minutes of running

Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort:
SERIOUS chaffing below the breasts after 90 minutes of running (blood was present with this one after 2 hours)

This was a bloody mess after my 2 hour run.
With the help of a friend, I have come to find that if I wrap 3M Microfoam tape on the underside of my heart rate strap (sticky side stuck to the heart rate strap), put the sensor on the back of my chest and put the heart rate strap on under my bra I have ZERO chaffing!!  It has even been successful for nearly 3 hours of running.  I think I may have a solution!!

Now, who's going to make a sports bra that has this Microfoam material as a part of the sports bra?!?!?  Will it hold up in the wash???  How will this material hold up over time????  Is it possible to have the sports bra be a combination of Microfoam where needed and technical fabric elsewhere???

Lots of questions to consider...At least I know what works for me!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Race Reviews

28th Annual Resolution Run - West Des Moines, Iowa

January 1, 2013...Starting the year off right!!
Temperature at the start of the race: -11°F (yes there is a negative sign in front of this temperature)
Distance: Advertised as a 5K (3.1 miles), but was actually only 2.8 miles
Terrain:  The run was all on sidewalks with rolling hills (they were not cleared off very well in many spots and were thus icy)
Number of Participants:  There were 280 registered participants, but I know they didn't all show up!!
Post Race Grub:  Hot Caribou Coffee, water, apples and bananas
This race is not chip timed and the fan support was very limited.  Who can blame anyone though...I don't want to stand outside on a very cold Iowa morning and cheer on a bunch of crazy runners and I happen to be one of those crazy runners!!