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Monday, February 7, 2011

Reconnecting With My Childhood

Today when I was swimming in the pool I asked myself why I do triathlon.  It is simple really...I want to reconnect with my childhood.  As a kid, I swam nearly every day during the summer months in the lake...splashing around, making new friends at the lake and swimming with the dog.  I also rode my bike and ran around with friends.  It wasn't about being the best I could be, pushing myself in training or having good race results.  Instead, it was about the simple pleasures of swimming, biking and running. 

Sometimes these simple pleasures can get forgotten as I try to push myself to new levels during training and racing, but it is important for me to always remember how much fun each of these events were as a child.  Reconnecting with my childhood today in the pool was an amazing "blast from the past" and one that I am hoping to put at the forefront of my training.

After all...triathlon is about LOVE...those things I use to love to do as a child...swim, bike, run!!

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