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Thursday, February 10, 2011

BRICK in the Books

The first brick of 2011 is done!!

What exactly is a brick?  Most people typically think of them as the building material used to construct homes or office buildings.  In the triathlon world they have a very different definition...the brick is typically when an athlete goes from the bike directly to the run.  How did it get the name "brick?"  Some people believe it came from "Bike Run ICK" because of the way ones legs feel while running right off the bike.

I actually love how my legs feel off the bike!!  They are a little rubbery, but are also nice and warmed up from the ride.  These warm legs actually help make my run pace faster than it probably should be when I first get off the bike.  I still love the feeling of running off the bike!!

My first brick of 2011 consisted of 2:30:00 on the bike followed by 20:00 on the definitely could have gone better, but it was not the worst brick I've ever done.  This time, I only consumed water on the ride, which made for a somewhat sluggish run.  From now on, I will do better with my nutrition to have my best performance.  After all, training is meant to help one practice for their big event...proper nutrition will be part of my big event, so I need to start practicing it during training!!

I have another brick this week on Sunday, so I will definitely practice my nutrition and hopefully get it right this time!!

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