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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will Ironman be my Drug?

I realize I have only completed 4 weeks of my IM training, but I am already asking myself if IM will be my infatuation.  I am loving the training that goes with IM.  The training keeps me feeling "fit."  I have little stress, eat and sleep well and feel healthy all the way around.

Even on days when I feel tired and just want to sit on the couch, if I walk out the door for my run, go to the pool for my swim, head to the basement for a ride or venture to the gym for a strength training workout I feel so much better.  Once I get started the energy level rises and I feel amazing...euphoric!!  

Will I do more than one 140.6 race?  At this point, I sure hope to!!  Like I said earlier...I am loving this sport and the training that goes with IM!!  How addicting will it be????  We'll soon see!!

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