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Friday, January 14, 2011

Who says I don't enjoy swimming

I can honestly say that I am starting to enjoy swimming.  I have always dreaded the initial "Oh...brr" that comes with swimming and thus, getting started has been the problem.  Once I am in the pool, I have no problem completing my swim workout...most of the time anyway...

Lately I have been swimming over the lunch hour and there is the same group of people nearly everyday.  This has been good accountability for me.  They ask me when they will see me again, how the training is going and how many hours a week I am currently training.  I will take all the motivation I can get to get my butt to the pool and swim...even if it is extrinsic...until it becomes inherent to just naturally want to swim.

It is so much easier to go out for a run or a ride...particularly when the weather is nice...but swimming has always been the challenge during training.  Oh, not because I struggle with swimming...I have been swimming since I was about 4 months old, so I don't ever remember not being able to swim.  Swimming is a challenge because of the initial shock that the water provides to the system.  It is funny how the swimming challenge is mental.

The biggest physical challenge for me in a triathlon is actually the bike.  I am not a strong cyclist, but I don't mind getting on the bike and riding.  I don't mind putting on my running shoes and going for a run, but for whatever reason, I have become a sissy when it comes to swimming!!  I am hoping to change this over the course of Ironman training...we'll see how long this takes.  Hopefully it changes sooner rather than later!!

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  1. YEAH! So glad you finally found some motivation for the pool!