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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling "Fit"

What does it mean to be "Fit?"  My definition of being "fit" may be different than that of someone else.  Being fit means that I am not only exercising, but Eating Clean, managing stress and getting enough sleep. 

We obviously get plenty of exercise since we are training for Ironman.  The amount of exercise we do will only increase as we continue with our training.  Last week we documented 100 miles in just over 13 hours.  We should exceed this by about an hour or two this week. 

We incorporate Clean Eating into our lifestyle to stay lean, healthy and feel full of energy (I will talk more about Clean Eating in another post). 

Managing stress has become much easier for me since I have changed careers and become a fitness professional.  I don't have to take much work home with grading, no lesson planning, etc.  There is a lot less to worry about and I'm lovin' it!!

This career change has also positively affected my sleeping habits as well.  When I crawl in bed to go to sleep, I am not thinking about what I need to do in class tomorrow, when I am going to get all of these papers graded, or if I am going to get grades in on time.  Instead, I can usually roll over and go to sleep after spending a little time reading a good book. 

What a positive change this new career has made to help me feel "fit!!"  How "fit" are you??


  1. Thanks for being such an inspiration VTC!!! Unfortunately, I don't really know what being "fit" means to me other than hopefully it will get me to the start of the Half IM and let me keep up with you during workouts...but I'm working on it. I want "fit" to mean healthy, physically toned, full of energy, and at peace with my body inside and out. :)

  2. You will get there!! Patience, determination and perseverance will get you there!! We are definitely here to help in any way we can!! Please let us know what you need!!