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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Skinny Season vs. The Fat Season

Today I went to a sporting goods store and tried on triathlon clothing...UGH!!!  This Holiday season has really put a damper on my waist band.  With all the food, lack of exercise and lack of internal drive, I am definitely noticing the difference on the scale.  I have gained 10 pounds since my last race which was September 19, 2010.  I have new terminology for the "off season."  I am going to refer to it as the "fat season."

I cannot wait for our Ironman training to officially start so I am more conscious of what I put into my body and completing all of my scheduled workouts.  I know I am not going to feel fit again for a month or two, but it is the whole idea of progressing toward the skinny season instead of the fat season!!  With the completion of workouts comes the improvement in internal drive...this is what I am really looking forward to!!

During the skinny season, I feel better about my body, sleep better, want to exercise and want to eat healthy!!  I currently feel fat, don't eat well, don't sleep well and struggle when I do exercise, so I tend to resist going to out the door.  That is all going to change on Monday, January 3rd...our official first day of Ironman training.  WOOT!! WOOT!!  I am going to gear my body and mind up for it on these last 5 days of the fat season and go into the skinny season with full force!!

Fat are history!!  Look out skinny I come!!

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  1. YEAH! Vardotriathlonchic is human! I think you have been in MY mind. I could have written this post, ok minus the "triathlon training" part. YOU GO GIRL! Enjoy the last 3 fat days as if it were MariGras. Not far now ...