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Friday, December 10, 2010

Quality Time with the Hubby

Tonight was an AMAZING night for a run...especially in December!!  Who could ask for better weather?!?!?!  The husband came home from work and we took Marathon Sue for a long run.  Long is relative.  These days long is 80 minutes.  Not too long ago 80 minutes was considered a short run.  It is amazing how a couple of months off changes things!!

We have some of our best conversations while running.  It is time when we are "stuck" together and there isn't anything else to do but talk and breathe.  Some couples need to have "date night" to get enough time to converse with each other.  We just need to schedule time to run together.  :)  Good thing we both enjoy running immensely!!

So far, this unofficial training thing is working for us and we are no where near ready to kill each other.  I just hope it continues through the next couple of weeks until the official training begins!!

This is the husband speaking-My Garmin 310 is now set up to my weight and heart rate zones, so I can now train to HR instead of perceived exertion. It will be a new way of training for me but definitely to my advantage for an ultra-distance event. I am a faster runner, so I get to do more talking for a change and the wife has to listen! :-)

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