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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Group Trainer Ride went on despite the Blizzard

Despite the blizzard conditions across the state last night and early this moring, we had 6 people cycling in our basement on their trainers this morning!!  I LOVE group trainer rides!!  It is fun to have so many people in one location all achieving nearly the same goal...getting in mileage and time on the saddle despite not being able to ride outside.

There were 3 people missing this morning, but still had a great time!!  It is amazing how many bicycles you can cram into such a small space...nice and cozy that is for sure!!  Music blares, conversations often digress, sweat pours from the pores, smells linger, top layers of clothes are shed and good times are had by all!!

This morning's ride lasted for a mere 90 minutes, but it was long enough to get in a great workout!!  I rode mostly on a flat level road, but threw in a couple of hill climbs to get out of the saddle and challenge myself.  This Wednesday, I am planning to challenge myself with a more challenging ride...we'll see who in the group decides to join in the fun!!

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