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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clear Your Walks!!

Yesterday's group ride was amazing!!  We had 9 people cycling for about 60-90 minutes in our basement!!  It definitely helps to have so many wonderful people to ride with and keep me accountable.  I can't wait for Sunday's group ride!!  Time flies as well as other things in our basement.

This morning I went for a 50 minute fartelk run with Mara through the snowy streets and sidewalks, after having shoveled our drive and walks.  What a GREAT run!!  It was so nice and peaceful.  There were places where the snowplow had thrown the street sludge up onto the walks that made the run feel like we were running through sand.  Good training, but not my idea of an easy run...oh, wait...the run wasn't suppose to be easy.  Hence the name "FARTLEK." 

Speaking of snow...what's up with people not clearing the walks?!?!?  I ran by many houses that had the driveways cleared, but not the walks.  Come on people...let's not be lazy!!  Get out there and get some exercise...CLEAR YOUR WALKS!!!

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