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Monday, March 7, 2011


“Success in triathlon doesn’t happen on the day of the race, just before the race, or even during the race.  Success comes from the days, weeks, and months of training that prepare you for the race.” 
     ~Jim Taylor
This is quite possibly one of the most accurate statements made, as it relates to triathlon.  There are some very challenging times during training for Ironman that will strengthen the individual, making he/she much stronger on race day.  This strength translates into success.  Without the training, there would be no showing up at the start line for the race, no competition in the race and no crossing the finish line at the race.  Race day success comes from all of the hard days of training (both physically and mentally).  Without the everyday "grind," those race day successes might not exist.

I am currently experiencing challenges in my training, but I will persevere and be successful in my training, on the day of the race, just before the race and during the race!!  I will hear, "Kecia, You Are An Ironman!!" on September 11, 2011 :)

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  1. You are successful. You are well-trained. You WILL hear, "Kecia, You Are An Ironman!!" because you are an IronWOMAN!