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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"Smile and the whole world smiles with you." Louis Armstrong

I have recently noticed that when I smile, not only do I feel better, but many others who receive my smile share their smile as well.  It isn't that difficult to smile and it will help to make the world a brighter, more enjoyable place!!

I am all smiles now that I have been cleared from PT to resume my Ironman training as though I was never injured!!  :)  It is such a great feeling to be swimming laps in the pool, out pounding the pavement, spinning in the basement (I know this sounds sick...who wants to stare at the walls in the basement while riding...), and strength training without any knee pain!!  That is something to smile about in my book!!  :)

Smiling helps keep your body relaxed even during challenging or painful times during training and racing.  Before my injury, I ran 10 hill repeats on Carr Drive.  For those of you who don't know, Carr Drive is a short climb, but a steep one.  While running these hill repeats, I found that when I smiled, the challenge in front of me was not nearly as daunting.  It didn't even really seem like a challenge.

Smiling not only relieves stress and relaxes the body, but it also boosts the immune system and causes the body to release endorphins.  As a triathlete, the release of endorphins will reduce discomfort and increase pleasure, which helps you to push forward even when times get tough.  I want to reduce as much discomfort as I can while competing in a race, so I plan to follow Chrissie Wellington's lead and smile!!

Chrissie Wellington smiles all the time.  She is always relaxed, focused and smiling.  With this demeanor, it is no wonder why she has set world records in the triathlon world and continues to challenge herself and break her own records!!

Just remember..."Smile and the whole world smiles with you." Louis Armstrong

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