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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nerves...the good and the bad

The realization of the feat in front of me is starting to really make me nervous!!  I know I will be prepared come race day, but the thought of what these next 12 weeks before the taper will bring really causes me to shake in my boots!!  I was told tonight by my coach that "these next 12 weeks will be the hardest weeks of your life" but they will also fly by.  I guess if it is going to be tough I want it to fly by, but I am definitely NOT ready for race day yet!!  I can use all of the time I have available.

With 18 weeks of training complete, there is less time to the gun going off for the start of Ironman Moo than the amount of time we have behind us in our training.  That is unfathomable to me!!

Nerves can definitely be a good thing!!  They help us in our training to be more conscience of successfully completing our workouts.  Come race day, they rev our engines as we approach the start of the race.  They can definitely be a huge asset to a competitor if present in the right amount.  My nerves will be an asset and definitely help me successfully finish IM Moo in September!!

Reba MacIntire put it best when she said, "If you didn't want this, you wouldn't be nervous."

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