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Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Triathlon of the Year...FAIL!!

Who decides to decrease the swim from 1500 meters (approximately 30 minutes) to 500 meters (approximately 8-10 minutes) just because the water temperature is 55 degrees.  That is RIDICULOUS!!  I am so upset that I am not going to participate in the event.  It is not worth my time to put on the wetsuit and tear it off for 8 minutes of swim time.  It will take me longer to get the wetsuit on and off than it will to swim...what is wrong with these people?!?!?!  I realize 55 degrees is cold, but there is a reason we have wetsuits and we all would have been just fine!!  We would have warmed up on the bike and run since the daytime temperature is to be 82 degrees with high humidity.

Instead we are going to ride our bike for about 5 hours (80-90 miles).  This will be a much better workout and more worth our time/efforts.  For of those of you who participate, I hope you have fun and enjoy the race!!

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