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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Has Spring Sprung?

The last few days the weather has been absolutely perfect for Ironman training!!  High temperatures in the low 70s, relatively little wind, no precipitation, mix of sun and clouds...spring weather in Iowa doesn't get much better than this!!  It has definitely given me the urge to pick up my training and get outside more!!

The problem...I saw the weather forecast for this coming week.  Starting tomorrow, high temperatures in the mid 50s, potential for rain and snow, high winds...all around just UGLY!!  Just when you think spring is here, Mother Nature has a mood swing and slaps you in the face to bring you back to reality!!  Spring in Iowa is not always happy go lucky, but often times very unpredictable!!

Does this mean I am ready for summer?  Most definitely NOT!!  I am not a fan of the hot temperatures, humid air, and direct sun that is often present in Iowa during the summer months.  I will learn to live with Mother Nature's mood swings just to keep the Iowa summer at bay!!

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