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Friday, November 16, 2012

What's My Excuse????

I can give you a long list of excuses for why I haven't been exercising the way I should be and the way I want to be:
                I didn't sleep well
                It's too early to work out
                It's too late to work out
                I feel bad leaving the puppy in her kennel all day and then while I'm working out too
                I have to clean the house
                I have dishes to do
                I have laundry to fold
                I have to make dinner
                I was asked to go to dinner with friends
                I'm tired
                I want to spend time with family and friends
                I have a lot of work to do
                I have parent teacher conferences
The truth is:
                I've been LACKING MOTIVATION!!
                I've been LAZY!!

There are no more excuses!!  In order for me to get back into a regular workout routine, I have established the following schedule that I am going to keep:
                Monday:  5:30 am group ride
                Tuesday:  4:30 am strength training and 5:30 pm group run
                Wednesday:  5:00 am swim and 4:30 pm basement ride
                Thursday:  4:30 am strength training and 4:00 pm run
                Friday:  5:00 am swim and 4:30 pm group ride
                Saturday:  morning run followed by a strength workout
                Sunday:  Basement ride

Thanks to some friends and upcoming races I am registering for this coming week, I am starting TODAY!!

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