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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fish out of Water

I have come to realize I am like a fish out of water flopping around and floundering for life.  Stress has me down and out at the present moment.  I have WAY too much on my not so large plate to try and juggle.  I know I need a solid schedule that allows me to get all of my workouts in (I feel better about myself when this happens) and allows me to have time to spend with family and friends.  I need to incorporate better habits into my life, such as going to bed at a more consistent time, eating healthier and not consuming as many unnecessary calories.  I also know that I need support and encouragement to get to the point where this better lifestyle is routine.  With the end of the school year so close, I am currently lacking motivation and am struggling with adjusting my lifestyle right now.  I am going to cut back on the number of hours I spend working part time, which will help tremendously, but for now I am that fish flopping around searching for the water. 

I will be starting anew next week with a new schedule, new habits and accountability.  I am planning to meet a friend twice a week at the gym for strength training early in the morning and I am planning to swim early in the morning the other three days a week.  I am only planning to work at my part time job only a few hours each week and taking a couple of days each week completely off.  I also plan to be completely done working by 1 pm so that I can enjoy my afternoons and evenings with my family and friends.  I plan to take control of my eating options and regain control of my life.  I am hopeful that in a couple of week, I will no longer be that fish out of water, but will have found my sea and am not just surviving, but am flourishing!!

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