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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

June through early September

I know I was HORRIBLE about posting my experiences while training for Ironman Wisconsin after the first part of June.  I want to take some time to update you.  Beware...this could take a while!!

In late June, we went to Madison for what we refer to as the "Epic Weekend."  We trained with other triathletes either doing Ironman Wisconsin, another Ironman distance event, or those who might be considering doing an Ironman distance event in the future.  It was a GREAT weekend filled with like minded individuals to share races, experiences, training and life with.  We had educational sessions as well as LOTS of swimming, biking and running.

In July we competed in the Okoboji Triathlon.  It was a LOT of fun to get the opportunity to go fast and just have fun.  We had been going long and slow for so long that it was fun to get to go short and fast!!  The weekend following Okoboji, we went to Minnesota and competed in the Chisago Lakes 1/2 Iron Distance event.  It was a GREAT race!!  One we will definitely do again!!  I had some obstacles to overcome during this event; UNBELIEVABLE FOG on the swim course, goggles continuously fogging over while swimming, flat tire on the bike and forgot my Garmin on the run to know my pace.  The good news:  I overcame each and everyone of them and still got a PR (personal record) by nearly 15 minutes!!  Two days after competing in Chisago, we rode 121 miles during the week of RAGBRAI in 115 degree F heat.  It was BRUTAL, but definitely helped us get stronger on the bike as well as train us mentally!!

August brought us some LONG training hours!!  There were some workouts where I vividly remember thinking, "I am ready for race day.  I just want this to be over!!"  With the last big week of training came my first week back at school.  What a challenge trying to find time to get my workouts in while starting back up with school.  That was a VERY CRAZY week!!  I'm glad it is behind me!!

Late August and early September brought on the taper...what a relief!!  It was nice and refreshing to have some downtime, but toward the end of the taper, I felt like I was a slacker and needed to get going again.  Just in time for race day!!

Speaking of race day...that is for the next post.

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