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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Iowa Games Triathlon...Mental Preparation Needed!!

Last Sunday I participated in the Iowa Games Triathlon...triathlon #2 of the season.  The race went fairly well considering the inconsistent training I've had lately with our recent vacation.  I did not have much confidence in my physical training, mental training or race performance going into this race.  Due to my lack of mental preparation and physical training, I went into this race with zero nerves and zero motivation to push myself.  I think this lack of mental motivation and confidence in my training definitely negatively affected my race performance.

The swim started with a lot of people who did not seed themselves properly on the swim and as a result, it was the roughest swim I think I have ever swam.  There was a LOT of physical contact and I swam over many people who should have started out toward the back of the pack.  The water temperature was near 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which was WAY TOO WARM for swimming. 

After exiting the water I felt overheated due to the warm water temperatures, but I had a very smooth transition to the bike.  I consumed a lot of my water before even leaving the transition area and heading out on the three loop bike course.  Upon leaving the transition area, I noticed the battery on my bike computer had died and I would have to go with how I felt...I have definitely felt better.  I consumed all of my water before the end of the second loop on the bike...I definitely could have benefited from a water stop along the bike...good thing this was a short race!!  I started to feel my shorts chaffing in areas that should not chaff and mentally started to lose my focus...not that I had a whole lot to start with.  As the ride continued, I continued to lose focus and just wanted to get off the bike. 

The transition to the run went well, but shortly after starting the run, I ended up with side stitches on my left side and struggled with a severe case of "lack of confidence."  When I started the run I thought I could break 1:30:00 for my finish time...that didn't happen.  I ended up finishing with a time of 1:31:24.  If I would have been more motivated, confident and mentally prepared, I could have broken that 1:30:00 mark...

Mental I come!!

I have this book and will be utilizing it for my mental preparation!!

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